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Volunteer organizations

Many volunteer organizations, particularly organizations such as and , appoint treasurers who are responsible for conservation of the treasury, whether this be through pricing of a product, organizing , or arranging fundraising events.

The treasurer would also be part of the group which would oversee how the money is spent, either directly dictating expenditure or authorizing it as required. It is their responsibility to ensure that the organization has enough money to carry out their stated aims and objectives, and that they do not overspend, or under spend. They also report to the board meetings and/or to the general membership the financial status of the organization to ensure checks and balances. Accurate records and supporting documentation must be kept to a reasonable level of detail that provides a clear audit trail for all transactions.


The of a country is the department responsible for the country’s , and . The treasurer is generally the head of the Treasury, although, in some countries (such as the United Kingdom or the United States) the treasurer reports to a or . In , the is a senior and usually the second most important member of the after the .

From 1867 to 1993, was called the Treasurer of Ontario.

Originally the word referred to the person in charge of the of a ; however, it has now moved into wider use. In the UK during the 17th Century, a position of was used on several occasions as the third great officer of . Now the title is the official title of the British .

Current state treasurers or equivalents

In most states, the position is a statewide elected office, usually a constitutional office (that is, provided for in the state constitution). In some states the position is appointed by the governor as a member of the governor’s cabinet.

OfficeholderStatePartyAssumed officeNext electionTitle
Alabama Republican January 14, 20192022 Treasurer
Alaska Republican December 3, 2018Appointed by GovernorRevenue Commissioner
American SamoaAppointed by GovernorTreasurer
Arizona Republican January 7, 20192022 Treasurer
Arkansas Republican January 13, 20152022 Treasurer
California Democratic January 7, 20192022 Treasurer
Colorado Democratic January 8, 20192022 Treasurer
Shawn Wooden Connecticut Democratic January 9, 20192022 Treasurer
Delaware Democratic January 1, 20192022Treasurer
District of Columbia Democratic January 5, 2014Appointed by MayorChief Financial Officer
Florida Republican June 30, 20172022 Chief Financial Officer
Georgia Republican November 10, 2011Appointed by GovernorTreasurer
Guam Democratic January 7, 2019Appointed by GovernorDirector of Revenue and Tax
Hawaii Democratic January 1, 2018Appointed by GovernorDirector of Finance
Idaho Republican January 6, 20192022Treasurer
Illinois Democratic January 12, 20152022 Treasurer
Indiana Republican January 7, 20152022 Treasurer
Iowa Democratic January 4, 19832022Treasurer
Kansas Republican April 25, 20172022 Treasurer
Kentucky Republican December 8, 20152019 Treasurer
Louisiana Republican November 18, 20172019 Treasurer
Maine Democratic January 2, 2019Elected by Legislature Treasurer
Maryland Democratic February 14, 2002Elected by Legislature Treasurer
Massachusetts Democratic January 21, 20152022 Treasurer and Receiver-General
Michigan Independent January 1, 2019Appointed by Governor Treasurer
Minnesota Democratic January 5, 2015Appointed by GovernorCommissioner of Management and Budget
Mississippi Republican January 5, 20122019 Treasurer
Missouri Republican January 14, 20192020 Treasurer
Montana Democratic January 7, 2013Appointed by GovernorDirector of the Department of Revenue
Nebraska Republican January 9, 20192022Treasurer
Nevada Democratic January 7, 20192022 Treasurer
New Hampshire Democratic January 7, 2015Elected by LegislatureTreasurer
New Jersey Democratic January 16, 2018Appointed by Governor Treasurer
New Mexico Democratic January 1, 20152022 Treasurer
New York Democratic February 2, 20072022 Comptroller
North Carolina Republican January 1, 20172020 Treasurer
North Dakota Republican January 1, 20052020 Treasurer
Northern Mariana IslandsAppointed by GovernorFinance Secretary
Ohio Republican January 14, 20192022 Treasurer
Oklahoma Republican January 2, 20192022 Treasurer
Oregon Democratic January 3, 20172020 Treasurer
Pennsylvania Democratic January 17, 20172020 Treasurer
Acting Puerto Rico New Progressive June 24, 2019Appointed by Governor Secretary of Treasury
Rhode Island Democratic January 6, 20152022General Treasurer
South Carolina Republican January 12, 20112022Treasurer
South Dakota Republican January 5, 20192022Treasurer
Tennessee Republican January 15, 2009Elected by LegislatureTreasurer
Texas Republican January 5, 20152022 Comptroller of Public Accounts
Utah Republican January 5, 20092020 Treasurer
Vermont Democratic January 6, 20112020 Treasurer
Virgin Islands Democratic January 7, 2019Appointed by GovernorCommissioner of Finance
Virginia Independent January 1, 2009Appointed by Governor Treasurer
Washington Republican January 10, 20172020 Treasurer
West Virginia Democratic January 13, 19972020Treasurer
Wisconsin Democratic January 7, 20192022 Treasurer
Wyoming Republican January 7, 20192022Treasurer

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