On February 15 the Stan Yurchenko exhibition to open at the Izhevsk Art Gallery

On February 15, the opening of an exhibition of works by the famous Udmurt artist,
author of prints, bookplates and book illustrations Stan Yurchenko will take place.

The exposition «Udmurtia — Ancient and Modern Land» will run until April 15.
The show of the best works of Stan Yurchenko is timed to the 70th anniversary
of the artist’s birth.

Stan Yurchenko was born in Latvia, but became a truly Izhevsk artist. In his works,
the master touched upon the theme of ancient Finno-Ugric rituals and beliefs and
created a unique collection of graphics. The master has a series of paintings
dedicated to the Udmurt Republic and its population.

On February 15 the Stan Yurchenko exhibition to open at the Izhevsk Art Gallery
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According to the scientific secretary of the Izhevsk Art Gallery Dmitry Pastukh,
Stan Yurchenko managed to reveal his creative potential in Udmurtia. A variety of
techniques are combined in his works. Especially well he used easel engraving and
color etching in the series «Secrets of the Forest».

The Russian anthologies of ex-libris of the 20th century include book signs by Stan
Yurchenko. The works of the famous graphic artist can be seen in the Tretyakov Gallery,
in the republican and art museums of Russia. Some of the author’s works are in private
collections of connoisseurs of his work abroad.

The exhibition «Images of Native Udmurtia» will open on February 15 at 15.00 at the
branch of the Izhevsk Art Gallery on Pravdy Street 13. The Stan Yurchenko Land tour of
the master’s best works across Europe is scheduled for late spring-early summer 2021.

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